Thursday, 26 May 2016


      I’m sure at some point of our lives, each of us had dreamed of a world void of reality. It might seem like a bunch of gibberish to others but to us, it definitely means everything. What more if we meet someone else who shares the same dreams that we have? Things get better.  Now, as a student that’s currently pursuing a certain course that was not entirely favorable to me, I often dreamt about how my life would be If I wasn’t doing what I’m presently doing now. Every now and then I’d indulge in these matters and I always question myself, “Is this what I really want”? 

      Despite that, sometimes, it’s better to be in a reality that enables us to improve on ourselves when we choose not to. Comparatively, if you live in a world where you could crave your own path or wishes that would be too easy. Of course, the options that we have might seem very limited as we do not draft our own paths freely in certain situations (Parents, Results, etc.). Sometimes the life that we choose not to live in slowly becomes a part of who we are and we learn to enjoy it to the fullest. On the other hand, the life we live might also be a lie we choose to believe or to dwell in, because that certainty keeps our sanity intact while we strive to do our best. Not that it’s a bad thing, it actually helps you to think that the reality you live in is real to you and that you’re not just doing it for the sake of it. Whatever the cause, we got to appreciate every moment that we can grasp in this life no matter the consequences. 

     Every day would just be another day if we don’t do something different to change it, where we should initiate without being asked. In some situations, it would definitely be difficult to do as planned, even if it is, there’s no harm in trying to do something that’s out of your reality which could’ve been something you’ve desired to do. Don’t let your reality hold you back, and at the same time, keep that reality intact. A wise person once told me this, “the greatest regret you’re going to make is the regret of regretting about the things that you should have done when you could’ve done something about it”.

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