Thursday, 26 May 2016


      Music, the very core of our being composes these majestically renowned sounds of pure magnificence. As a music enthusiast, it has been a long time since I’ve started indulging myself in the glorious sounds man-kind has ever produced, including genres such as Pop, Rock, Soothing, Etc. The songs/music that I listen to mostly is Pop (boy bands, etc.) and Rock (also boy bands, etc.). This obsession that I had for music intensified when I started to teach myself how to sing and started taking basic and free (note this) drumming lessons when I went to church, I mean, you’re getting to know God better and free drumming lessons, that’s something too long for if it were me. It’s been 7 years and counting since I’ve started playing the drums. You’ll reach a certain point when you’re musically inclined, where you can play any song just by listening to it, and I have to say, as a musician, it’s really fun.

       Listening to music and getting myself involved in musical stuff has always been amazing for me. On the other hand, don’t you ever wonder why certain artists composed certain songs in the first place? As I mentioned earlier, music comes from our very existence. I’m really sure that these artists have gone through certain moments in their life, whether happy or sad, it had affected them greatly. The tone or the very melody explains their happiness or sorrow or even mixed emotions about something. Whenever I listen to songs by Westlife it always gives me the impression that love is painful yet amazing. I am not really updated with the latest music or songs but I feel that songs back in those days actually mean something (I am not saying that there aren’t any meaningful songs these days). 

      Certain songs may remind us about a past lover, whether it is a bad or good thing is a different case. You might be emotionally stressed about it, depends on the situation. There are some songs that you might be able to relate to because you’ve gone through the same situation. Regardless of these circumstances, we must be wise when we’re listening to what others think or sing about. It might lead to a bad influence or overwhelming depression. For example, you’ve just been rejected by a girl or you’ve broken up with your partner, listening to songs related to that will only aggravate the pain or sorrow you already have. So think before you listen. 
      All in all, music does help in situations where you need to relax, or it might be a life saver to some of you, as I said, it depends on the situation.  But if you’re in a situation where music could make you worse, stop listening and start changing. 

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