Thursday, 26 May 2016


      The title explains it all, and if you’re reading this now, there’s a chance that you’ve been in a relationship with a person before, be it a person in the past or a current one. Now, if you currently have a partner whom you cherish as much as he/she does, you don’t have to continue reading this, or you could read it when you’re single again (just joking). Anyway, to put it bluntly, I’m a guy that used to have a girlfriend, a really outgoing person. She was a strong, kind and a loving person. When you’re with someone, all you can think of is how amazing they are to you. Considering the fact that I was single till the age of 20, it was something extremely big for me as it would have been for anyone (I would like to believe it that way) and of course, what other things would you decide to do other than spending more time with that person (to date him/her of course). 

      Getting attached to someone is an ecstatic yet frightening experience if I may say. Now, I’m writing this to tell you about the mistakes I made as a guy. It might be only one side of the story, but it’s better than nothing. To start it off, we dated for only 2 and a half months which was terrible for me when it ended. Everything was going so well until one fine day where she called our relationship of. Her reasons and her decisions were hers to make. You can never force someone to have feelings for you even after they’ve tried. Then I started to wonder why she did something like that. As a guy, we would often take our pride seriously, especially when it comes to girls. It was definitely hard for me to move on after that incident because even when we made so many good memories together, it was all distorted due to one incident. I can’t go into the details personally but to put it in simple words, I slightly raised my voice at her once, and even apologized after that. I didn’t know she was the type that couldn’t take loud voices at.

       Sometimes, we need to be wise as well. Both of us jumped right into it after meeting for just 3 weeks, and I felled flat in my face when we hit the end. A mistake that was so insignificant was able to become a big issue, and if it doesn’t work both ways, then obvious conclusion is as clear as day. After a break up, with no doubt, some of us might try stretching forth our arms and exposing the inner child that cries inside of us, hoping that somebody would come and heal us, or, we would act cold towards anyone who tries to approach us by pushing them aside to protect ourselves from going through the same pain. Apparently, it doesn’t work that way. Grief is something momentarily. Some of us might try to reconcile even though the possibility of it happening will never be fruitful.  So why chase the past or even dwell in it when you got the future running after you? Looks are secondary, what matters is a person’s intention (I’ve seen many). Be cautious at all times, at any cost, because you’ll never know when your actions might lead to a breakup. With that, I hope I had helped at least some of you to improve on your relationship before, after or currently. It takes two to make it happen.

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