Thursday, 26 May 2016


      The bliss and satisfaction food gives us is undeniably immeasurable. A man may survive ten gun shots without it hitting his vital organs, but not a day without food. Someone once told me this, “Unhealthy food are always nice to be consumed, can’t say the same about healthy food though”. This concept is a simple yet, it isn’t easy for us to digest. If I were to lay a whole load of Burgers and sweets side by side with some greens and fruits, which would you reach out to first? Now if you’re a super healthy person (Cough) do me a favor and please choose the unhealthy food, logically or should I say more often than not, we choose a side which is easy for us to swallow. Eating right doesn’t always mean eating the right food, but it also means eating the right way. I believe that the majority of us have been living in a nation that has an abundance of food and it can’t even be compared to the rural places in Africa.  Wasting food is a taboo from where I come from.

      Taking how much you can eat should be the proper way of eating, unlike the phrases they use at buffets that gives wrong impressions on people. Phrases such as “take all or eat all you can”, causes a sight for sore eyes when I enter these places. Heaps of food stacked onto one another, and the sight of it still being there after the person who has taken it did not finish it is unbearable for me. I mean come on, just take a bit of it first and take more of it if you aren’t satisfied, not take a whole load of it and expect yourself to finish it when you can’t in the end. 

     The perfect way of eating is to take moderate portions and if the food is prepared cleanly and nicely using ingredients that are not dangerous, it’s an additional bonus to your well-being. A few years back, my father had symptoms of high blood pressure, due to the fact that he did not watch what he ate. From that point on he left his old diet and today he’s even healthier than adults at his age. His example has set a path for me to follow and for you all to know that it’s never too late to change. Eating the right things really help and not wasting food helps as well. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. Sometimes it’s better to spend a little more on food that’s a little expensive but good rather than spending on cheap food that’s less healthy which could cause you to have diseases, and, a crazy medical bill.

    There are of course certain exceptions. If you’re a student who is studying abroad or in another state, it’s inevitable to consume food that’s not really good for you (instant noodle, or anything instant) But if ever possible, it’s better to eat proper food or to cook at home if you have the time. I would understand because I’m a student myself. So, eat right, do the right thing and be right.

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