Thursday, 26 May 2016


      Our bodies, physical manifestations of what used to be of the earth, are empty husks without a soul in them and that is what makes us truly human. Even so, can we truly consider ourselves to be humans even with this soul of ours?

       Like any other creature on this earth, we strive to survive. However, we’re gifted with a soul and a mind that transcends any living being on this planet. However, a question arises, are we using these two gifted features in the right way? Judging by the way the planet is affected by our actions today, the observation that I’ve seen clearly is that we act without thinking about the consequences or in another sense, we are educated to know what would happen if we perform a specific actions that would endanger the eco-system that has been laid out since the beginning of time. A question that always comes to my mind is that “why do we, as humans, know about the consequences of performing a specific action and end up regretting it after we do it?” This is a question that is obviously unquestionable. 

      When you think about a certain event in your life, a common example would be when we are still studying. Surely, if we had not studied for a certain subject, the grades for our exam would definitely be disappointing. Knowing that we need to study for a good cause, we indulge ourselves by doing other things to entertain ourselves. The knowledge about “I need to study” deters us from doing so at times. I went for a conference once and heard someone say this, “Many come to listen, but not to learn”. It’s always easy to listen and to do tasks we’ve been told to do, but learning something or anything is never easy. Sometimes, we act without thinking. Other times we might act according to our emotions which, most of the time, is not a good thing.  

      Rationality is absent in presence of emotions. I, for one, could testify to that. A slight change in your plans and everything goes haywire. Self-control is essential and by practicing it enough, things will change for the better.

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