Tuesday, 28 June 2016


           This world, without us even realizing it, is slowing being torn apart in every way. It might sound ridiculous to you, but pay close attention and take a look around you, the world is being absorbed by an unseen force that we’re not paying attention to because we’re too busy going about our lives to be even bothered by it. The most dangerous enemies are the ones you can’t see nor hear, even if you could you might not be conscious about it, and that’s exactly what we’re facing today. Julius Caesar, the man who almost conquered the world was assassinated by a man who he did not think would have killed him, who was Marcus Junius Brutus. We might be oblivious to our surroundings and perceive that these forces are non-existent.  The enemy is closer than we thought. The closest example of this is the device which we commonly hold in our hands on this very day and you might be even using it to view this. Your smartphones.  

      You’ll probably think I’m a hypocrite by mentioning this, but it’s slowly destroying the world. Conversations that we’re supposed to be communed with our voices are stripped away with messaging systems that could prove to be convenient but destructive. I’ve seen couples not talking to each other while dating; instead, they prioritize staring at their precious mobile phones. That’s not really healthy in my opinion. In any major events, taking photo does seem more important than helping those in trouble. Some just do it for the sake of it; it’s a rare sight to see people who’ll want to do it without wanting to show others that they’ve done it. I’m not saying that this is wrong or anything but the real motive should be there. 

       We’ve always been separated from one another ever since the creation of this world through many ways. Ideologies, beliefs, religions, preferences, ideas, philosophies, etc. had played their role in ensuring that mankind will always be separated. The idea that the whole of humanity could come together as one or even understand each other as a whole is a fool’s dream. It would take a miracle for that to happen. Sarcasm aside, when we take a look around once in a while on the past events that took place or even events that are happening today such as world wars, conflicts, betrayal, side-taking and misunderstandings are not surprising at all.

       Wondering what things would be like if humanity could be formed as one has been expressed by many writers of today. Books on how to deal with people, how to commune with a broken society and other books have been seen commonly in stores as a reminder that not all of us are the same. For as long as a person is in disagreement with another, there’s an endless circle of arguments, debates over important and trivial matters. What’s the point of all of this? In a way it does help a person to grow, to understand new things, but in the process, something else is severed, a precious bond between the persons. Especially when it comes to money, some will do whatever it takes to get their hands on it, even if it means leaving a few corpses behind (metaphorically speaking). Others will learn not to trust a person who has used them to achieve what they want. Humanity will never be united unless it overcomes this.

          It is indeed a shattered realm. All hope is not lost though. If we find the comfort in many even if they had once done wrong to us, we’re making a difference. Some play as a pierro, a kind hearted clown that stops at nothing to make others happy, even if it hurts them physically or mentally. What would you do if someone breaks your trust or happiness? Mending broken walls in order to protect yourself might be your first step, or maybe, revenge and hatred. Whenever you’re faced with such a strong emotion as hatred, we got to fight it back with an emotion as strong as it which is love. This is emotion is what binds us as humans together.  Nevertheless, what we do portrays who we are. I can’t tell u what you must do, but maybe, what you can do. Forgiveness is necessary. You can fix a broken vase back together but the cracks would be there. If it’s smashed again, fix it again. If that person means a lot to you, it’s better to be in good terms with him/her, even if you might not forgive them for what they’ve done to you.  Everything depends on you.

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