Tuesday, 21 June 2016


        Let bygones be bygones. The past has always been something that could hold us back or encourage us to move forward. Quite often than not, the past signifies who we were or who we are up till now. It’s not easy to let go of a heartbreaking incident, a death of a loved one for example, as well as many other occasions where we would want to forget everything that has ever happened, due to reasons that only an individual can explain. 
      When I had gone through a few situations that I’ve mentioned myself, its common to hear people say “move on man”, “just forget about it”, or “it doesn’t matter anymore”. Well in one sense, that is true, but our emotions speak otherwise. However I’m not denying the fact that whatever that’s left in the past stays there, and we should let the past be as it is and look towards something greater that about to happen in the future if you allow it to be so. Who knows?  Maybe tomorrow morning you’ll find yourself waking up to something you’ve never thought could happen in the long run (something good of course). Everything begins with you. 

     It’s not always a straight path forward when we decide to make it so. There’s definitely twist and turns here and there, getting on the right track is crucial of course when we are really determined to get things done. The right mind set gives us a head start and lunges us in a direction where we would want to see ourselves being there. It’s a sophisticated process, but you’ll get the idea once you’ve tried it.  

         You don’t need a past to have a future and if you ever look back any sad events that happened, just have a good laugh about it, because everything happens for a reason, a reason that you’ll find out later as you venture forth in your life. Even if you lose something by letting go of the past, in that process, you gain something even more important in the end.  It’s always one thing for another.

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