Sunday, 3 July 2016


   Like I always say, “it’s always one thing for another”. This concept of mine applies to most of the things that I observe around me. You might be good in your studies but maybe not as much as you would perform in sports, maybe you’re good in both but you’re not as talented in the area of music. Either way, not everyone has the ability to do anything and everything even if they desire to do so. Some might even break their limits and to focus on a certain thing. However if your affinity for something increases, the affinity for another will definitely decrease. In any case you might even find hidden talents or skills that you have yet to unlock or discover. That’s the beauty of being you. The only person who doesn’t know you completely is yourself. 

        We’re all born with talents that we’ve yet to uncover. As the title suggests putting a balance in talent is a talent which is really important to me. At one point of my life, my priorities were on the edge of a thin thread because i tried really hard to find a balance in everything. It didn’t really work out for me and I ended up destroying a precious bond between someone whom meant a lot to me. If you ever have this talent, use it. Put it to good use. I wasn’t cut out for it and some people can only focus on one thing at a time. Proper management of everything usually turns out smoothly, unless you’re dealing with difficult people. Then again, who isn’t difficult to handle?

       For me, when I practice my vocals more often, I sometimes lack in skill when I start playing the drums after some time. It works the other way as well when I practice the drums more. Boosting your physical side might affect your mental side. Too much of something is never good, but not everybody is good in maintaining a moderate level in everything. Everyone has their short comings but as the saying goes “practice makes perfect”. Even so, nobody is ever truly a jack of all trades and master of none, not that I know of at least.

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