Sunday, 30 April 2017


    Incompetency, irrationality, negativity are things that distorts the progress of improvising on matters that are substantial from the growth of our mind, personality and self-caused confidence. The one thing I cannot ever stand is that some people think or they sufficiently believe that they're old enough to know everything, and whatever you tell them is wrong to them. I mean sure, maybe from one aspect you're better in certain things, but from different aspects, you're no better than a person who doesn't have a single inkling about what’s going on. I digress with the fact that some adults think that they've been through enough to know everything and that they needn't have to learn from younger adults about certain things. It doesn't mean that they should stop learning or push away other suggestions just because they think they already know everything. True wisdom comes from learning, whether it’s something you already know, something more than what you've already known, or an area that is completely new to you. You're never too old to learn and we learn from mistakes, where the most probable outcome of it will be failure. 

     Just because you fail at something doesn't mean that you can't be successful. The only person that is preventing the success is you. Yes, we might fail once or twice in certain things, but that failure should be the motivating force to bring us back on our feet to face it with more confidence. Sometimes the failure could be caused due to our own choice, that of which we cannot blame anyone else for. Someone once told me, those who are ignorant to learn or to improvise or willing to know more set a barrier for themselves where they become stunted or stagnant to the things they only know and they are not willing to expose themselves to different areas of knowledge to expand their abilities or intellectual capacity. If a situation relating to things that are not known to one who thinks that way, there could be a problem in adapting to it, but it’s not impossible to adapt of course, just harder to pull off. What I’m trying to say here is that we have a choice to stick with what we already know and limit our capabilities, or to make ourselves better by equipping ourselves with all sorts of knowledge. Learning is never easy, but in any case, it is as simple or as complicated as it can be. 

       I knew a guy who was so negative about his failures, he kept telling me about it every now and then. Even the slightest sentence that relates to his failures would spark his fury towards it. From my view, he was limiting himself from the growth of what he was already doing, but he kept considering that what he was doing is a failure in his life. But i believe that one day he'll start to realise that his failure should not be the one stopping him from turning his failure into a success. Everyone starts with nothing at first. What makes one person different from the other is the willingness to go a step further and not fearing of what that step would lead him to, be it another failure or success. I can't say for sure that whenever we do this, it would be a guarantee failure or success, and that if you're satisfied with whatever you have, by all means, you don't have to take another step to make yourself more successful than you think you already are, or you could if you want to. As a whole, there are always ways to make ourselves better than we consider ourselves to be. There's no point in aggravating or stating what we have not achieved, rather, we should work towards achieving it instead of looming in the shadow of victory. Be the victory you want to obtain, and by doing so, negativity will flee from you, you'll start to see things in a different angle, and most importantly, you'll change for the betterment of yourself, that of which I cannot determine. 

"Know everything, to know anything"

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