Saturday, 25 June 2016


       Marriage, the sworn oath, the intertwining of hearts, whatever you call it, there’s never a moment where the difficulties that arise when you’re dealing with your partner would ever go smoothly as you might’ve expected it to be. The ups and downs on this particular matter would be faced frequently throughout your journey after marriage, and it’s definitely different from the problems you’ve faced in any other situation such as your studies, etc. Keeping a marriage intact is not easy even if it might sound simple. “Just love your wife or husband”, some people might say, but its way more complicated than that when a whole load of emotions roll in. I can’t really speak for myself here because I’m not married yet. As far as I’ve seen others getting married, it puts me in a trance of deep thoughts about getting married. Going through marriage ceremonies, and seeing people whom I’ve known getting married makes me wonder, can those two really stay happy or maintain their happiness together forever? The obvious answer would be “no”, but it’s not impossible to keep it or to make it so. 
      Recently, I attended my neighbor’s son’s “bachelor’s night “dinner and the atmosphere was filled with joy. The only thing going through my head was, “yeah, you better be happy while you still can”. Despite that, I felt happy for him because he was so into the marriage which would take place the day after. I can’t deny that a person’s happiest moment would be when he/she stands face to face with each other on that momentous day being filled with relentless joy, before a roller coaster ride begins after that. It’s a “calm before the storm” sort of thing. 

      Whenever I have “grown-up” conversations with my parents, it’s always about getting a nice girl or a good girl who has an outstanding demeanor where she must be able to take care of me as much as I am able to take care of her and so on. It worries and tires me when I think about who I’ll end up with next time in the distant future. My parents experience in marriage was, of course, a one to be remembered; somehow I can’t exactly picture myself being in the same situation. They’ve gone through their fair share of troubles any couple would expect to face.

      In an age where woman can take care of themselves (so to speak) or not (no offense), I barely see any girls being able to cook a meal. What I’m trying to imply is that it’s hard to find a decent woman these days. In a way, maybe I could be wrong; it’s just my perspective on that matter. It could even be weird for me to see some of my friends getting married later in their life. That’s the whole process of growing up right? It’s normal, but maybe normal isn’t my norm. Then again if they’re happy, I’ll feel the same for them, even if some of them only last for a while. 

     I’m not taking marriage as something negative nor am I foreseeing any events or cursing any couples out there.  It’s just that we need to know certain ways to handle situations concerning it, especially if it’s about to crumble. In the end, you determine your relationship with your spouse, or even with anybody. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl, what matters is that whether you’re willing to take the responsibility as a parent as well as a lover. If not, don’t ever stand in front of everyone saying that “I do”. This is the part where I express myself fully on this matter. I get vexed whenever I read or study about case laws concerning divorce. It always has been an issue that goes against my belief. Of course certain situations might call for it, but is it really necessary if it isn’t? If I were to deconstruct a holy matrimonial joint of hearts through a legalized method allowed by the law, even if it’s legal, I’d feel really bad. 

                                                                                 The disembowelment of a marriage really saddens me sometimes. Even if we can’t stand a person, as hard as it is, we should still try our utmost best to love him/her. Remember what you swore on that very day. Breaking the oath is like breaking everything. Would you like it if all of your plates were broken? I don’t think so. You wouldn’t have anything to eat on if there aren’t any. Therefore marriage, in simple words, is a huge commitment. Never take it for granted and love your future or current spouses faithfully and wholeheartedly.

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