Wednesday, 15 February 2017


There's spark of hope in me that just doesn't want die off or give up.
Why? Why can't I snuff it out?
Why does the person inside of me hopes and wants to believe that the unthinkable and unbelievable will happen?
Why do you torment me o' my persistent personality and for how long?
Thy cometh and emerge from the wound of the soul which has forged thee to be within me, thy longing for a quiet and calm peace, that of which is not found.
I can no longer bear thy weight, nor can i be apart from you.
An unending stream of pain that palpitates throughout me, i can feel no more.
You stand on high mountains, hoping, praying, wishing, dreaming for a miracle, that of which is not answered not heard, that of which you are eternally bound by because you seek to believe.
Buried deep within myself, you agonize me, a cancer on the inside, a poison to my heart.
When i choose not to, you decide that you want to.
You control what i don't want to, and perform what i shouldn't do.
I cannot blame you, for you are me, and i am you.
A part of me that i despise, but without you, i will not suffice.
For what i am, is because of you, and what you are, is because of me.
Thy hopefulness is commendable, one of which you choose to see in others.
I envy thee, for i am not as strong willed, but you have led me to believe the same, for you are undeniably, who i am.
You taught me how to have hope, which might lead me to my doom someday.
Because of thy innocence, naivety and strength, it has brought us thus far.
How you've sustained me when i was breaking down, you repair the walls that you've built for yourself, to protect us.
I cannot lie to you, for you see right through me.
Because of you, hope is something I cannot let go.

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