Saturday, 18 February 2017


      Carnal lust, selfish desires, an uncontrollable, insatiable and animalistic nature prowls through men. The issue of rape is no stranger to the world ever since the beginning of time. I’d like to share my thoughts on this reoccurring action that is an offence, and should be an offence which should be highly regarded as something despicable and low leveled. I truly despise the act, and as a guy, I’m probably despising myself for having such a conscience at times which I’d truly hate myself for. The excuse of it being natural is overrated, but I can’t exactly justify myself as a guy for being that way, I mean it’s not like I can choose my gender obviously. 
       From here on out, it’s purely my expressions on the topic. I would consider it to be my dire efforts in knocking some sense into a guy’s brain. I would think that guys should have a better control over themselves. Many would say that it’s a girl’s fault for wearing attractive clothes or such. I’m not a feminist of any sort but I would like to think that women have their rights and freedom to wear whatever they wish or want. Well I can very much say the same for guys where they have the choice, rights and freedom to control or to not control themselves. For guys, if you were to give a reason, and it’s usually the reason being that the women was wearing attractive clothing, it sounds extremely pathetic that you give into your desire to have sexual intercourse with a women. Yes, hormones are secreted within guys when you see an attractive woman, and I’m not asking for any guy to dissect himself and to take out something that is naturally a part of him. However, it doesn’t mean that a guy should give in to those instincts.  As such, if I were to do something uncontrollable that I had pointed out to myself, I’d be no better than what I’ve said about it. 

       I would like to think that guys who give into their lustful desire do not have a stand of their own, meaning that in other matters. They aren’t able to speak for themselves because they subject themselves to their internal self, and are usually inferior to other people who have a better control of themselves externally. Not being able to control yourself speaks many things. It means you aren’t able to deal with situations beyond yourself, because control may come in various forms that are similar to each other. I’m not saying that it’s wrong to not control your instincts, if you don’t mind spending your time in prison for years. If the intercourse was consensual, by all means, dig in, unless you have a strong sense of dignity and moral which you’ve adopted from your religion or elsewhere. That would mean that you’re standing up for something, something that makes you who you are, a sense of personality and pride without doing something that is truly disgusting in nature if it was without the consent of the woman.  

       Not that I want to offend anybody or anything, but before you blame others for doing something, reflect on yourself first, same goes to women. Control is something that everyone has, on whether we’d choose to do something or not. For woman, if you want to lower the possibility of you getting raped, you have the control over your attire and clothing. As I mentioned earlier, in an unlucky turn of events, you’d probably be targeted by a guy who doesn’t know how to control himself, and the end result? Rape.  It’s more of preventive measures rather than remedial, because once rape has been committed, there’s no cure for the recovery of your virginity. With that guys and girls, be wise, think twice and don’t do things that you know you shouldn’t if you know what’s best for yourself. I’m nobody to say of what you should or should not do, but with every act, there are consequences, and not all of them are pretty.

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