Wednesday, 8 February 2017


        Loneliness, the bane of the soul, a force that threatens a person to wallow in despair and depression. There were times where I’ve felt this way, a feeling where you're not wanted in a group, a feeling where you're better off not being with a bunch of people and your presence will not make any difference, a feeling you feel when you see other people having people to be there for them and there's no one for you. It’s a frustrating echo that pulses throughout your being. It’s like shouting out at the top of your lungs in an empty room and nobody will hear you. Some people fear of the loneliness of dying alone, others of the loneliness of not being able to tell others of how they feel, and also physical loneliness which could affect a person mentally.  

        Each and every one of us has a threshold of being alone for a certain period. In some way its good, at other times, it may drive you to lose your sanity. Most of the time, we'd segregate ourselves for certain people, a difference in ideology and behavior separates us from others to the extent that they're the only one who is of their own kind, and of course, they'd feel alone and lost without any direction. As humans, we long for the comfort and company of a person or persons, its only natural that we need someone to hold us together. Despite that, if they're mentally strong enough to handle it then it’s not really an issue. However, the mind is a fragile when it comes to being or feeling alone. The sense of longing would consume a person, where he would try his best to please people even if he knows that he might be used by the people around him. 

       At times, even I myself would feel that I’m not good enough for the people around me and want to be accepted. Some would indulge in certain things to distract them from feeling that way; some would like to believe that they aren't. In the end, loneliness can only be satisfied with the company of others that understands and unconditionally. Without us even realising it, our actions might lead to the death of another, the feeling of loneliness is fatal to the ones who submit to it. That’s why suicide rates are increasing by leaps and bounds over the years. 

       Not every one of us will be fortunate enough to find a person or persons who would have the same interest or thinking like we do. Sometimes, when a person who seemingly accepts you’re for who you are would abandon you one day, because his need in you has already been fulfilled. I truly despise the act, however I can't say that I’m not guilty of the act either, and if I were to put my myself in the situation of how I would feel if someone did the same to me, I could say that it’s the main reason why I’m expressing the term loneliness in the way I see and feel about it. Be nice to a person, no matter how hard it is, because you'll never know when your concern for a person could save his life. 

PS: I also wrote this because Valentine’s Day is nearing. Share the love around people~ 😊 have a great Valentine's Day with your loved ones! (while imma be at home chillin' with wine by myself 😂)

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