Thursday, 4 August 2016


        Risk, the only reason why we strive or are able to thrive is because of this word, where it could determine everything, whether you win it or lose it. I wouldn’t exactly say life is a big game but in situations where risk is involved, I’d gladly say it is. The only thing that makes it different from a game is that you don’t have any retries or revives. From what I’ve learned in the past, I believe that whenever we decide on a choice, whether good or bad, it’ll affect us in some way, where we would sometimes back off if we were to ever face a similar situation again. It’s a gamble in life which is crucial in forming who we are. Choices that lead to one or the other, the multitude of faces you’ll meet and pass by. It’s a complicated system of choices formed in a simple yet difficult word, “risk”. The scary thing is, when you’ve made a bad decision, it really is bad. Unless certain external factors come into play, but without that, it’ll be a memory you’d wish to delete. The biggest risk would be getting into relationships because this is how I would put it. 

       In our working life, sure there will definitely be risks, the risk of getting more or less in terms of profit, however, when it comes to humans, its way more extravagant than that. An example, you meet someone, he/she likes you, but you’re not sure whether to like him/her back, probably because you’d not want to hurt him/her and taking necessary precautions from preventing that from happening. Either that or you’ve experienced a traumatic relationship before. The insecurities bring you to a point where you’ll have to decide wisely or emotionally. This causes you to enter into a dilemma and then risk comes into the scene. You’d want to decide whether you’d want to be with the person, and you probably want to, whereas, at the same time you know it isn’t going to work out, and if it doesn’t, you’ve ruined an important bond with a person whom has crossed paths with you. 

      Sometimes it’s also hard to decide because the people around you might influence you into thinking that he or she isn’t worth your time. Personally, I’d rather give my all to someone who’ll stay with me for who I am rather than to try with others whom I know will not. It’s a huge risk, but you’ll never know whether it’ll be worth it or not, and that’s exactly why, my friends, it’s a gamble which you’ll be a part of. Risks are things that can’t ever be explained properly. It’s determined by a present decision that could be affected by the past and also affect the future. 

    So bear this in mind when you are about to take a risk, for whatever reason or matter, it’s never easy to deal with the bad consequences of that decision, but everything falls into place for a reason and those reasons cannot explained. So be wise and watchful as anything you do, by default, is a risk that you’ll be taking because your whole life is made up by the decisions you make everyday, where it could make you a better person or worse.

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