Monday, 22 August 2016


       Square Enix has done yet another CGI master piece with the Final Fantasy franchise. The Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie is the 15th installment to the Final fantasy main series and it is the third movie made by Square Enix. It revolves around the events that take place in Lucis, the main capital of magic that has been protected by the sacred crystal with its former ruler, King Regis. The crystal granted those who were of royal blood powers beyond human comprehension and like any other final fantasy, those powers are the abilities to cast magic, teleport and etc. King Regis formed a squad of “bodyguards” known as the Kingsglaive where every member are potentially able to sustain the use of magic, but their true source of being able to do so comes from the king himself, meaning that if the king passes on, their powers would be lost. King Regis was growing old and could only sustain the wall protecting Lucis from any invasion for just a short period of time and it would collapse if he were to pass on. His rightful heir, Noctis Lucis Caelum, is the main protagonist in the upcoming final fantasy XV game and he will play an important role in fulfilling his duty to reclaim his throne.

         As much as I truly adore this movie cause I’m a hardcore Final Fantasy fan, there are a few things I would like to mention. Aside from the previous movie that was produced from Square Enix, which was Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children back in 2005; i drew a few comparisons between that and Kingsglaive. In terms of CGI graphics, Kingsglaive will definitely take its spot here. After years of developing their graphics, Square Enix didn’t even make it look like a CGI Movie, it was almost realistic and I give them credit for that. 

      Moving on to the cast, the main character for Kingsglaive would be Nyx Ulric, a battle-harden warrior. I wouldn’t actually consider him to be a warrior because, to me, Square Enix was trying to introduce a protagonist with a different class aside from your generic knight/warrior class main character. He seemed more of a hybrid of a rogue and mage class as he wields dual daggers that enable him to teleport and casts various amounts of magic (for those who know final fantasy, the basic fire, thunder, and blizzard spells). It was a good try and I really applaud them for it. However the battle scenes were very flashy due to constant amount of teleportation and magic casting it might've been a disappointment for some who had watched FFVII: AC with a whole load of sword slicing and clashing. Kingsglaive has a rich storyline if I may say, though it involved a lot of killing. 

         There were also a few cameo appearances from previous different final fantasy games, especially the bosses and creatures.  I’m truly looking forward to the game. The events that were happening in Kingsglaive were taking place during Noctis’s journey to Lucis. I’m not going to add any spoilers here, and if you are going to watch the movie, there are end credit scenes. If you would like to know more about Final Fantasy XV you should watch its animated series that is currently being aired called Final Fantasy XV: Brotherhood and also visit the Final Fantasy wiki page.I would rate it 8/10.

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