Friday, 26 May 2017


(Oh boy, here comes an another self-expressive story about love, I really need to stop doing this)

   No, this writing will not be about me being bitten by a mosquito or any sort like it. Apparently, it’s an expression of saying that you’ve fallen in love. I can’t say that I’m a stranger to that sort of feeling and I’m more than sure it happens once in a while for everyone. Well I’m not sure about when this started occurring but one thing for sure is that I’ve locked these feelings away for a very long time. Maybe it’s been a while since I’ve done anything or met anyone who has made me feel this way. Curious, I was rather surprised how anybody could’ve acted in a way that sparked this feeling within me as I know too well about the feeling of being hurt and left behind and not wanting to experience the same again. 

    It started when I was entering into one of my classes, a familiar face was pleasantly watching for a far as I took my seat. I’ve known this person ever since I started my studies here, however I never really approached her, and I've never planned to either. She was one of the  prettiest girls in the faculty i was in, and what were the chances of a guy like me ever getting a chance to get to know an outstanding person like her? It was then a few classes later, that a friend of mine who was close friends with her started asking me to sit with them. I startled, I wasn’t the most outgoing person in my batch and neither was I the most favorable among my fellow classmates. So we started sitting with each other, not knowing that something new was being forged in the process. 

(Picture on the left: Ao haru ride live action movie, one of my favs, totally recommend watching it after watching the anime. My ideal love story which probably won't happen.)

    The same class took place week after week and one day, that person asked me to sit together with her. Confused, I sat beside her and we discussed about homework and other stuff. Before I knew it, we started getting really comfortable where we would share things to each other where nobody would usually share to others. Maybe it’s a natural response to a really friendly person, but I wouldn’t know. Day after day, the more I meet her in classes the closer I feel to her (inserts “a whole new world” song). There even came a point where people thought they were interfering with something when they saw me sitting with her. Oh well, I can’t say for sure on whether I truly feel that way. Even if I did, that person is less likely to feel the same. 

    There isn’t a conclusive end to this. It might sound like a cliche plot for an anime or something, but I was just bored and felt like writing it. Thanks for reading this random take of a story about the weird things that happen in my life. I’m working on a few other self-expressive articles after I’m done with my finals (which finishes within 3 days’ time), so look forward to that :D.

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