Tuesday, 31 January 2017


      Belief, trust, faith, all the same, yet different. These are strong elements that are unseen which manifests themselves in a physical form through us. What we believe in usually defines who we are, in a religious term; faith is the form of which belief takes. But can truly say that what we believe in is something certain? Well for me, you don’t have to see everything to believe that it’s there. Some people believe that there isn’t an entity that had created all of the earth and everything living in it, which is to say that their belief in not believing is also a belief. 

     Out of all the religion and faiths we have in the world, what religion would be the real one besides ours right? Not that I’m saying all faiths out there are real either, some are man-made, some are myths, legends or even hereditary practices. The person practicing it might not even be sure of their belief at times. But faith itself is a powerful word, where we believes the existence of a thing we can’t see and we depend on it.  I used to say this a lot where “you don’t have to see everything to believe that it’s there”, and I think maybe that statement does hold some truth, because if we were to see everything beforehand, then everything we have is a lie because we did not see the world being created. 

        A different type of faith would be the faith in trusting a person. Some have been through betrayals, one of which they’ve trusted a person and they would never want to trust that person ever again. I mean it’s only natural for you to not trust that person again right? There are others who choose to believe that there is still some good in others even though they had done wrong towards them and there are also others who would forgive the doer of his doing and they would be cautious around that person. It is the faith of the faithless. Religion wise, it’s a matter of perspective, everyone would think at some point of whether what they truly believe in is real. Some might not have a second thought or doubt about it, unless you’re enlightened in some way about another belief. 

      Having faith in someone, believing them to be a person who’d be there for you when you’re down, the dependency on that person can easily be crushed if he or she uses that trust against you. Sometimes I wonder, is there truly a person in this world that I can call a true friend? Even sometimes, we keep certain things from the people whom we dear the most (with the exclusion of family members). Having a social ring, regardless of its size, is undeniably essential for everyone, but do we actually tell every single thing about ourselves to the people whom we think can be trusted? It boils down to the people you mix with. Losing trust is easier than gaining it. Which then brings us back to the question, who should we trust? 

      Well, I think that if not all of us, at least some had gone through and learned this the hard way. Certain people are unpredictable; a friend today may be an enemy tomorrow. Observe repetitive patterns by the people around you as some would have the tendency to repeat certain actions that they have previously done and this could, in some way, be used to your advantage. Being wary of these things might actually help to develop a strong sense of personality within us, where we know of what we should share, who to share it to and when to say certain things.

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