Friday, 4 November 2016


     Logic and emotions, an unending conflict between these has been present ever since we’ve been able to think for ourselves. This particularly occurs when we partake in various events in our life where we decide on whether we would let our minds or hearts take control over us which in turn influences the decisions we make. In fact, the mind and the heart tend to contradict with each other most of the time and the result of it is a dilemma. Our actions serve either one of these masters as we would desire something but we do not feel that way at the same time. 
   When you’re faced with a situation that requires you to act in order to progress, your mind would start to think of the consequences of your actions and you’d start to doubt yourself. Your mind would tell you there a zero percent chance of something happening out of your actions, but here is where things start to get interesting. Even if your mind would tell you that, your emotions, or rather, your heart would be yelling from the depths of your inner being telling you that things might actually work out. This works vice versa as well where your heart might tell you it won’t and the mind says it will.

     Whatever decision you’ll make, these two have its part to play in it. Don’t let either one of these betray what the other truly thinks or feels. In certain circumstances, there would be the absence of emotions in logic as well as the absence of logic in the presence of emotions. The most common example I’d use would be when we want to get something we truly want, but in your mind you know you can’t have it even if you really do. Some situations where this would take place would be in relationships, our working lives and many more. For me, this has been and still is an annoying and frustrating thing to handle. Being extreme in any aspect usually ends in unsettling result. 

It’s hard to tell whether what we feel is what we truly desire, or what we think is what we truly feel. This indecisiveness could render us to be vulnerable to certain chain of events. The remarkable system of paths that is taken by each one of us is unique in its own way, where one decision leads to another, meeting another, going through that event and moving on towards the next where multiple paths are linked and separated continuously. This might not sound very scientific but the thought of it is absolutely astounding. Whatever we do, leads to something. Sometimes not doing anything also directs us to some happening or another. 

We do not know for sure what is right or wrong, emotions and logic are making sure that we meet the right and wrong people, so that we’ll learn, which is what we’ve been constantly been doing every day. It is not easy, but nothing in life is ever easy, especially when it comes to making decisions that could affect others as well as yourself.

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