Friday, 7 October 2016


A man, wounded by his past, yet he seeks not the world he had once lost.
Struggling, with the voices within him, telling him what is wrong, what is right, what should and shouldn't be done, as if it was acting purely on instinct.
The wretched soul cries out for salvation, nobody listens; the world is deaf to the soul.
The man, not knowing himself as he should, walks the path he hath chosen, without complain, without sorrow.
Happiness was but a miracle to him.
He ventured forth without hesitation, hoping he would not meet the fate he had previously met.
Every day was just another day, but then he saw her, a glimpse he took and could never take back, for he could not look away.
She was near perfection. As he approached her, she gave him a smile, a smile that was bright enough to lift the weight of his heart, and without the realizing it, he had forgotten what it was like to be lonely.
They shared a common trait, only those of the same could identify.
They talked all night long, unaware of the time, unaware of the people around them, because all they needed was just the other.
Time passes, it was but a fleeting moment, but here he was, awaiting for her, at the place where they first met, waiting.
He gets a call, for a moment, his entire world crumbled once more.
She said let’s not meet again. When he asked why, she did not reply.
He was driven into despair; his heart sank like an anchor in the sea.
He had fallen so hard, he died from the fall.
He is a living specter that walks the earth and no one would realize his existence unless they, themselves are specters.
This is a story of a man i once knew, he lives deep down inside of me, because he died drowning in the despair that he once was consumed by.

A woman, forgetting her past, holds onto what she has.
She struggles day by day with the things she does, whether she must do it, whether others do it, and whether she wants to do.
Having a carefree spirit, her appearance hides her inner sorrow, the sorrow of being alone, and the sorrow of being insecure of herself.
She walks a path she was assigned to, not truly knowing what would lie ahead of her, but she followed it with courage.
Every day was just a normal day for her, just doing what she needed to do and to do it right as it should be, until she met him.
He was astounding, apart from anything she had ever imagine.
He had a warm smile, a smile that touched her heart.
She and him were alike, unlike any other has seen, but she started to realize both of their differences as she and him start to get closer.
She took the time to spend time with him, and to love him as he is with care, She had loved him, but too much of it becomes hatred.
He started to care for her, but she mistook it, for she has been who she was all this time, without care, without concern.
He called her out one day to the place where they first met, but she replied it by refusing to do so, for she had seen him for who he truly is, a person of perfection, not accepting her flaws, and her feelings, disappeared.
Even when she was stained with the guilt, she walked off to search for a new life, one that she could take as a new person, for she had forsaken the person she was.
She once knew this woman as well, but she had banished her in her thoughts, making a prison for her. She was never the same.

We all died to the person whom we once were, it’s because of a single person, we can never be the same, ever again. 
Multiple personalities is not a shocker these days. 
People change.
We change.

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